Wartrol Fast Wart Removal

When the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV enters your body through breaks and tiny cuts on the skin's surface WARTS develop.

Most often they create pressure points on the hands, feet, and other vulnerable parts of your body which become ugly and painful. A single wart can even grow into an undesirable cluster on the most exposed areas of your body.


(for example: duct tape, aspirin, raw potatoes, or cutting them out of the skin)​


And  paying your doctor to professionally remove them can be very costly.

Wartrol is a fast-acting liquid wart remover that uses FDA approved ingredients to safety and effectively stop wart growth at the source.


  • Safe And Effective
  • Fast-Acting Painless Liquid
  • Provides Maximum Strength
  • Removes Warts Caused by HPV
  • Easy To Handle Brush Applicator

With just a couple drops of this unique wart removal solution, warts will be penetrated quickly and you will feel the relief immediately.


Wartrol is a clinically proven formula that has been recommended by doctors for over a decade to treat all types of warts, including planter and common.

It's time to STOP putting up with those unsightly warts!


What's In This Powerful Wart Eliminating Liquid?


As with many wart removal serums, Wartrol's main ingredient is salicylic acid. This has been FDA approved for all individuals as a safe means to remove skin growths from the body. It's gentle as it works on softening the outer most layers of the skin. A concentration level of 17% can be found in this over the counter remedy.

Backed by medical research, salicylic acid has been compared equally to the traditional cryotherapy liquid nitrogen treatment performed by medical professionals. However, it's considered the more cost-effective treatment available to average people.​

Other Active Ingredients Include:

Flexible Collodion


This is a mixture of castor oil, camphor, and collodion. Camphor is common for treating fungal infections and alleviating itching caused by infections. Collodion is a more syrup like solution that is typically utilized to close up small wounds found on the surface of the skin.



This is found in many personal health care products as a emulsifer and surfactant that works in assisting other ingredients in dissolving. This is the primary ingredient that allows the other active ingredients to become so effective at treating your warts.

Ethyl Alcohol​


More commonly referred to as Ethanol, this is a common ingredient used in cosmetic products due to its ability of antispetic traits. It works as an antibacterial component that fights the virus which causes warts to appear on the skin's surface. Ethyl Alcohol also assists other active ingredients in penetrating the skin's surface to be more overall effective at treatment.​

Hpv Treatment For Various Types Of Warts

Wartrol can be used to treat warts on hand, fingers, face, and feet. It's very effect at treating Plantar, Common, Filiform, Venereal, Seed, Perianal, Verruca, Viral, Facial, Flat, and slight cases of Genital Warts.​

types of warts that this will treat

For extreme ​cases of a genital warts infection, it's highly recommended that you consult your local physician before using this product as treatment.

General Warnings And Instructions For Use

  • It's common practice to consult your doctor or dermatologist if you are unsure of the nature of your skin growth. You want to be sure it's a wart before applying any topical solution.
  • If the skin is irritated or reddened you should not use Wartrol as the active ingredients may inflame the infection site to a greater degree.
  • If you are diabetic or have poor blood circulation avoid use.
  • Never share your personal over the counter bottles with anyone else to prevent the spread of the virus.

​Does Wartrol Have Any Side Effects?

Just as any other medication there are rare cases where users experience unpleasant side effects. However, most people don't feel any at all. Individuals with extremely sensitive skin are more prone to inflammation, peeling of skin, and dryness from salicylic acid than typical users.

If you experience any discomfort immediately stop use. If the symptoms persist seek medical attention as you're probably dealing with an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients.

Where Can I Buy Wartrol?

Wartrol is only available online from their official website. This is to ensure that you get the original and powerful solution to remove your warts without any negative side effects from generic formula.

You can visit the official Wartrol site below.

Finally put an end to warts by grabbing your very own bottle of...

Wartrol Wart Eliminator Below!


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